50th Anniversary of Leonard Forest's Documentary

When: 24-Feb-2018 - 7:00 p.m.
Where: Performance Center

Have you ever asked yourself questions like 'Why are documentaries so important, and why documentaries have the power to change the world? Here's an excerpt from a guest blogger's post published on December 20, 2016 that gives you the answers you seek.

"Documentary films are an in-depth and informative resource which are a perfect platform to create dialogue. They serve as powerful tools that bring important topics to the table in a captivating way that also sparks conversation and sometimes even social movements. Character-driven, feature-length documentaries focused on the stories of real people put a human face on global issues that might otherwise seem distant or unrelatable. Hearing and seeing these real experiences through the dedicated work of documentary filmmakers helps us put ourselves in the shoes of others, building bridges of empathy in a world that desperately needs our engagement and compassion."

Read the entire blog at https://goo.gl/4uMgeJ.



Les Acadiens de la Dispersion delves into the roots of the widespread Acadian community. It questions the future of the social, economic, cultural, religious, traditional and political aspects of Acadian life. As we travel through Canada, France and Louisiana, we see the history and lives of these people through the eyes of Acadians themselves. They had to build their own defense over time to survive. Now, they are given an opportunity to enjoy their rich heritage, free from old myths of deportation. 



Léonard Forest (born 1928) is an Acadian filmmaker, poet and essayist. He was born in Massachusetts and grew up in Moncton, New Brunswick. He worked at the National Film Board of Canada from 1953 to 1980 and was involved in about 130 films, either as the director, the producer or the scriptwriter.  

As a director, Forest has directed the following films, including Les Acadiens del la Dispersion in 1968:

  • La femme de ménage (1954)
  • Les aboiteaux (1955) co-directed with Roger Blais
  • Pêcheurs de Pomcoup (1956)
  • Le monde des femmes (1956)
  • Amitiés haïtiennes (1957)
  • The whole world over (1957)
  • Bonjou' soleil (1957)
  • À la recherche de l'innocence (1964)
  • Mémoire en fête (1964)
  • Acadie libre (1969)
  • Out of silence (1970)
  • La noce est pas finie (1971)
  • Un soleil pas comme ailleurs (1972)
  • Saint-Jean-sur-ailleurs (1980)
  • Portrait: Gerald Squires of Newfoundland (1980)


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